Personal training studio! What is it??!!

I often get asked what gym I work from and when I reply “I don’t work in a gym, I train from a private personal training studio” most people politely nod and don’t question any further. I have a funny feeling they think I am a dance/aerobics instructor…… oh dear how wrong could they be!

Is a personal training studio the same as a gym or dance studio?

personal training studioNo! We are by appointment only so there is only ever 1 or 2 personal trainers training in the studio at any time. It makes for a relaxed environment where clients can have a laugh and not wait for equipment to be free! In the Fit For It Training Studio there is a host of fab kit to workout with. We do not have any traditional cardio equipment such as cross trainers or treadmills but have dumbells, kettlebells, olympic lifting bars, martial arts equipment, TRX suspension kit, a push sled, battleropes and much more!!!!

What type of training happens in a personal training studio?

The training that I teach in the studio would categorised as functional or metabolic by some. Essentially almost everything we teach can be recreated at home or at least out with a gym with little or no kit which suits many of the clients that use the space. By using resistance (body weight or actual weights), doing compound moves, moving in different directions and at varying paces you body will become better at burning calories. Each client has their own individual work plan though depending on their goals and requirements.

Come and check out the personal training studio for yourself!

I offer free personal training consultations. This gives you the chance to meet me face to face, discuss your goals and have a look at a personal training studio! Its an ideal space for people of all levels of fitness, and is particularly good for those of you who are averse to attending the gym (for whatever reason!). Get in touch!


t. 07952 025 407

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