I started with Emma after losing some weight and wanting to add fitness back into my life.

Words cannot describe how patient and supportive she was as I struggled to jog a small lap around a playground in our first session!

Emma brings a lot of fun to the sessions and is great at taking the monotony out of exercise. We never do the same workout twice and it’s always a little bit of an adventure! What I’ve loved most is taking the time to look back and appreciate how far I’ve come and how much has changed. It’s not just that I’m much fitter in the gym and my body composition has changed – the sessions have also made me less clumsy and unstable on my feet! My ankle injury which used to cause me pain every week, can go months without flaring up.

I always feel that the sessions are about my own goals and push me to my own limits, which is like fun torture!

I couldn’t have gotten to where I am without Emma so I would thoroughly recommend her to people at any stage of their journey.

Rhiann McLean

 Where do I begin.  

A year ago I was in pretty poor shape, never exercised and had just come out of hospital after having a muscle biopsy, a minor op that just knocked me down. I knew I was in a really bad state if a minor thing like that could make me feel so rough. To add to that I’d signed up for my first ever 10k. I knew I was in lousy shape and I was totally fed up with myself and genuinely thought I would never manage the 10K. I remember running in the park when I saw this trainer dressed in neon shouting words of encouragement and cheering her client on, she was actually cheering. As soon as I approached I got a  cheery “hello!” and I thought- that’s the trainer for me.

3 months later the 10k was run in good time and I don’t think I’ve ever been so chuffed with myself as I was that day.

Nearly a year on I’ve actually got a shape I’m proud of and I’m keen to keep on going with my fitness routine, I exercise at least 3 times a week and apply all the exercise rules Emma has given me. I genuinely look forward to our sessions they are really tough (I blame the Prowler) but Emma actually makes the sessions fun with lots of laughs, banter and general good times.Don’t get me wrong she gives you a row and even slips in some more burpees for bad behaviour but I really don’t mind as it’s always deserved. I train with my friend and I’m not the strongest one but she always thinks of ways to push me without breaking me and feeling useless.

She’s always on hand with answers to my weird and wonderful questions- I’ve even text at 8am and got a reponse within 10 minutes.

I’ve gained a whole lot of confidence I’d lost over the last few years and I would put a lot of that down to the work Emma has done with me.

Eilidh Meechan

I decided I needed a personal trainer to improve my fitness and body shape but most importantly for me was to help with stress and anxiety. I had an operation on my heart two years ago and I had a terrible fear of raising my heart rate. Emma worked closely with me and helped build my confidence- after the sessions I feel like a new person! I now have confidence to push myself to the limit in order to achieve my exercise goals. I also transformed my body shape and she helped me work hard to get into my wedding dress! I was so delighted with the results and how I felt. I’m not going to lie, personal training sessions are hard work, however you get serious results. I have tried millions of diets and gym memberships and classes. Working with Emma doing personal training is the only way to loose theses extra pounds and get the body you have longed for. Only YOU can do it but it really helps having someone stand over you and make you achieve your goals. Emma is a really professional and friendly person. I felt comfortable with her from the first telephone conversation. No matter what your size or weight she can help you. I would recommend her to everyone-I think she is fab!

Heather Watson

I highly recommend Emvita for all things health and fitness whether it be to lose weight, gain weight, getting fit or just a general healthy lifestyle change.
A more dedicated and committed personal trainer will be hard to find. Being a Herbalife distributor is an added bonus as her guidance and knowledge on nutrition is second to none.
I have been using Emvita’s services for 18 months, personally I lacked motivation and knowledge of a proper healthy lifestyle. I now feel extremely motivated and on the occasional lapse Emma soon encourages me back on track. My results have been fantastic being more than halfway to my long term goal.
I would highly recommend Emvita for all personal training programmes.


My initial goals with Emma were to become fitter and to increase body tone. Emma took this on board and I have achieved my aspirations tenfold. I would thoroughly recommend Emvita to anybody, no matter there level of fitness as everything is tailored to the individual.

Glen McKenzie

t. 07952 025 407
e. emma@emvita.co.uk

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